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'''Beat''' is one of the main characters in [[The World Ends With You]], and makes his first appearance on Week One, Day Two alongside his partner [[Rhyme]], who is also his sister.
Beat is one of the main characters in [[The World Ends With You]], and makes his first appearance on Week One, Day Two alongside his partner [[Rhyme]], who is also his sister.
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Name Daisukenojo Bito
Age 15

Beat is one of the main characters in The World Ends With You, and makes his first appearance on Week One, Day Two alongside his partner Rhyme, who is also his sister.


[edit] Description

Hot-blooded and hard-headed, Beat is the polar opposite of Neku—even if they are the same age. Still, despite his emotional outbursts, he has a big heart. He's always ready to throw down and ollie into combat on his board, with Rhyme right there beside him.
-Game Manual

Beat tries his best to help his young partner, Rhyme, whenever he can, but due to his rash and unthinking personality, he normally manages to cause even more problems. Throughout the game, he displays a lot of determination and strength, along with a deep love for his sister. Unwavering in his passion, he always seems ready to fight, no matter the circumstances. His greatest downside is his apparent simplicity and rashness, which in many cases provides a lot of comical relief; however, in some situations he exploits is shown to understand better than anyone else some very deep concepts.

It is shown that he detests his full name of Daisukenojo Bito, and he responds angrily to anyone who uses it when speaking to him. His response, unfortunately for him, is rather amusing.

[edit] Fighting Style

[edit] Weapon

Beat fights by using his skateboard to attack enemies, which makes his weapon of choice, ironically, the most realistic of the protagonists.

[edit] Earning Fusion Stars

Beat's style of play is loosely based on that of the card game "Poker." The player must navigate the Combo Map to select one of the displayed pairs or suit card, with the four suits being the traditional Heart, Club, Spade, and Diamond, making for a total of sixteen different possible pairs. The cards are then placed at the top of the screen, with the exact placement being determined by a cursor that is randomly placed amongst any previously selected cards. When there are at lest six cards in play, a Skull card will appear in one of the branches of the combo map. Selecting it will initiate the grouping sequence - any adjacent cards with the same suit will be removed, and one Fusion Star will be rewarded. If the removal of those cards causes a new pair to come together, they too will be removed, awarding three Fusion Stars. A third combo in such a fashion will earn six Stars, and a fourth will earn ten Stars.

Additional stars are not awarded for longer groupings - a set of five cards with the same suit will not earn any more than a matching pair.

There is a small flame displayed on either side of the screen once Beat plays a card. This will move inward over time from each side- if the flames touch the cards in play, then all the cards will be lost and Beat will take damage.

[edit] Aerial Attacks

Pressing up while Beat is idle will cause him to ollie into the air. He has more hangtime than Shiki, and will appear to float momentarily until either returning to the ground or an attack command is given. Beat's aerials are stronger than his ground attacks, and are capable of hitting enemies regardless of whether they are flying or grounded. Additionally, his aerial Combo Map ends in one card instead of two, which can be useful for matching cards.

[edit] Defense

By pressing down while Beat is idle, he will assume a guard stance. Though not all attacks can be guarded against, any attacks that can will result in no damage.

[edit] Reversal

At any time while going through the ground combo map, the player may press in the opposite direction to activate an aerial cancel. This ends the combo without selecting a card and has Beat jump into the air, potentially avoiding some attacks. From here, an aerial combo may be begun in either direction.

[edit] Difficulty Differences

The flames move at a faster speed the higher the difficulty is set, making it harder to attain Fusion stars.

[edit] Storyline

Spoiler Alert - Major Plot Details Ahead

Although not exposed until much later, Beat and his sister, Rhyme, lived with their parents in the RG, where Beat had a completely different outlook than in the UG -he took things at his own pace, e.g. he was very laid back. His parents despaired of his attitude, and eventually Beat could not take anymore of their constant nagging and pestering -so decided to give up on himself (assuming he stated/demonstrated this to his parents), prompting them to give up on him.

Rhyme, however, did no such thing, and always kept hope for his brother -something Beat claims got tiring pretty quickly, as he deemed it being pitied by his little sister (whether this is true or not is debatable, as Rhyme comes across as a very patient, kind and caring person in the game, making it more believable that she did it out of love), and causing him to constantly try and push her away -up till their deaths. Beat just had the latest argument with his parents and walked out of the house: Rhyme followed him and, at the Miyashita Park Underpass, was about the be run over by a car; Beat was not fast enough/did not see the car till too late, and while trying to push his sister out of the way, also got ran over.

Neku and Shiki first meet Beat and Rhyme on Week One, Day Two. Initially, Beat is reluctant to share any information with Neku, but is convinced to by Rhyme. It is shown that Neku and Beat don't like each other much. Shiki proposes that they become a sort of double team, and help each other out. Beat and Rhyme agree, but Neku's reluctance, at that point, to get personally and emotionally connected to other people causes some initial strain -such as, on their first encounter, Beat eventually having enough of Neku and leaving, obliging Rhyme to run after him. Relationships take a turn for the better when, later, Neku and Shiki defeat the supposed golden bat Noise flying around the Concert Stage; upon finding that their timer is still ticking, and with only seconds left, Beat and Rhyme show up and defeat the real golden bat, thus saving the day and looking more "worthy" in Neku's eyes.

On Day Four, a tragic happening takes place: in front of the four players, and due in part to Beats impulsiveness, he and his partner fall straight into a Reapers trap; Rhyme manages to spot the peril and save Beat at the cost of her life. Now without a partner and teetering on the edge of a mindless rage, Mr Hanekoma appears, informing Beat of his impending death due to lack of a partner, and offers the option to follow him to survive: Beat eventually agrees.

At the end of Week One, Beat decides to run away from Mr Hanekomas' Wild Cafe and join the Reapers with the secret hope of bringing Rhyme back to life. The power granted to him as a Reaper allows him to use the Rhyme Pin and he grows the characteristic wings without his clothes changing. His only task, set personally by the Conductor, is to defeat his erstwhile friends, something he gets close to in various battles with Neku and Joshua in Week Two(represented as boss battles), only to retreat when he deems them not strong enough. The attacks end when, after Beat drops Rhymes pendant, Neku retrieves it and later returns it to him in the midst of yet another attack.

In week three, when Neku no longer has a partner due to his entry fee of partners, he is mercilessly attacked by the Harriers; partner-less, he has no chance to survive. Beat sees this and intervenes, outraged at the Reapers lack of honour and their dirty tricks, and decides to partner up with Neku, defecting from the Reapers and becoming an "illegal partner". He then reveals his plan to Neku: to become the Composer, take over Shibuya, and bring everyone back to life. Beat is later informed by the Iron Maiden that, since he achieved zero points as a Reaper, the remaining time he has to live will be minimal, only allowing him to live till Day Six. She also reverts to a pin the Rhyme Noise and steals it: the two facts act as a powerful catalyst for Beats already impetuous and unthinking personality. During Day Three, Beat reveals his RG life and personality, along with how he attained the Rhyme pin: Mr Hanekoma captured her soul into a pin, allowing Beat to technically retain a partner and survive.

During the keypin mission in the Miyashita Park Underpass, Neku notices some flowers set up as a memorial, prompting Beat to reveal how he and Rhyme died in the RG. It is thus shown that he blames himself both for the fact that Rhyme is dead and the fact that he couldn't save her from being erased: in a conversation directly following this, along with several others (in a similar development to Shiki's main character growth), we see his main character development, as Neku helps Beat overcome this sense of failure and make him strive to make amends and create his dreams.

On Day Seven, we see Beats hands become translucent, but in typical Beat fashion, he defies this and states that he will keep it together till the end as he carries on. This is perhaps the strongest representation of Beats "unflinching passion" (Secret Report 7, Mr Hanekoma, in-game), whereas he literally breaks the Reaper laws and manages to continue. This could either be attributed to:

  1. The Iron Maiden was lying to create extra emotional stress for Beat.
  2. Since the UG is influenced by very strong Imagination and Soul, Beats passion could be seen as a mixture of the two. Since it is so unwavering and determinedly strong throughout all his ups and downs, it creates a kind of "psychic anchor" for his essence, hence allowing him to remain in the Game, possibly for as long as he wishes (or until his passion runs out).

This happening, although not very significant story-wise, is quite interesting: Neku consistently manages to beat The Game week after week, but Beat is the only Player that manages to bend the UG to his wishes.

Neku and Beat find the Shibuya River later on the same day, intent on destroying the Composer as planned. There, they run into Shiki, and after various twists and developments, they both help Neku defeat the final boss.

At the end of the game, at the Statue of Hachiko, we see Beat waiting for Neku with Rhyme next to him, thus implying that the plan more-or-less worked.

[edit] Another Day

In Another Day, Beat is obsessed with Tin Pin Slammer, but his greater love is for curry. It is eventually shown that him and Rhyme -who is still his sister- had a stand-up comedy routine, but after they had a heated argument -in which Rhyme told Beat that people did not laugh with him, but at him- Beat decided to break it up.

After the Black Skullers strike, Beat joins the rest of the gang at Ken Doi's Ramen Don ramen shop; with the possibility of curry ramen being a stronger incentive than rescuing Tin Pin, he becomes Yellow of the Kindred Spirits, and sets out with the rest of them to reclaim their stolen Pins.

On the way they meet Rhyme who joins their group, but soon reveals that she is a spy for the Black Skullers and betrays them: however Beat decides he will not give up on her, as she is a good person and he is going to save her from the Black Skullers evil influence -although it is soon shown that Rhyme joined them through her own volition due to Beats constant preference to play Tin Pin than work on their routine, leaving her no choice but to try and remove the pass-time.

Soon the Kindred Spirits prevail, Rhyme shows Beat that he has real potential as a stand-up comedian, Beat decides to join forces with her again, and Rhyme gets Higgy, the ex-Black Skullers personal chef among other things, to cook up a curry for him; a touched and emotional Beat tells Rhyme that she must really love him.

[edit] Trivia

  • During the scene where Rhyme is erased, a brief flashback to the car accident that originally killed them is shown.
  • Although the game states that Beat's aerials are weaker than ground attacks, they've been shown to actually deal more damage.
  • A game over cannot be received from having health lost due to the flames - they will leave the player with 1 HP.

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