Yodai Higashizawa

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Name Yodai Higashizawa
Reaper Level Game Master--Week 1

Yodai Higashizawa is Game Master of week one. As with the other Game Masters, he has his own little quirks. When he talks he always speaks in food puns (especially when talking about devouring Players). He takes a special liking to Shiki for her jealousy, and uses it to try and get her to let her defenses down. He is unsuccessful, which leads to the boss battle against him.

[edit] Another Day

Higashizawa pretends to be a helper for the sign-up table (mistakenly referred to by Neku as the "booth babe") as part of the Black Skullers' plan to steal everyone's pins. He begins to hate the group (and in particular, the leader Uzuki), and in the end becomes friends with Neku and the gang (making curry Ramen for a very hungry Beat).

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