(B) Black Cat Atlas, Vol 3

The (B) Black Cat Atlas Volume 3 is one of the 10 Black Cat Atlas Books. This volume covers the Return Speed of the Light Puck.


[edit] Purchasing

Location: WildKat Cafe (Cat Street)

Price: 10 Yen Pin.

[edit] Contents

[edit] Info

Did you know the return speed affects how the puck powers up?

Blazing: +0.5x, Quick: +0.2x, Average: +0.1x, Slow: No Bonus, Late: -1x.

[edit] Tips

A high Sync Rate or the "Hold that Puck" ability makes your return speed rating more lenient in addition to keeping the puck in play longer.

[edit] Applying in Battle

Keep the Light Puck moving to get your Damage Multiplier up faster.

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