(B) Black Cat Atlas, Vol 4

One of the 10 Black Cat Atlas Books, this volume covers how Sync Rate affects the Light Puck.


[edit] Purchasing

Location: WildKat Cafe (Cat Street)

Price: 50 Yen Pin.

[edit] Contents

[edit] Info

Did you know a better sync rate will extend the time the light puck stays in play? Be careful not to run away from multiple battles in a row...

[edit] Tips

Here's a little trick: Neku and his partner's sync rate will go up if they both wear the same popular Brand's Threads into battle.

[edit] Applying in Battle

Staying in Sync with your partner is the best way to get the Combo Multiplier moving faster, which in turn makes battles go quicker. Keep your partner in a good mood to make the best of their help!

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