(B) Black Cat Atlas, Vol 5

One of the 10 Black Cat Atlas Books, this volume covers how to make the most of Aerial Combos.


[edit] Purchasing

Location: WildKat Cafe (Cat Street)

Price: 100 Yen Pin.

[edit] Contents

[edit] Info

Did you know Neku can pull off better Aerial Combos by using Sub-Slots to quickly switch between Pin Psychs whose Touch Commands overlap?

[edit] Tips

If his Aerial Combo hits, Neku will be relatively safe from counterattacks. Mix and match psychs and design your own original combo!

[edit] Applying in Battle

Using Sub-Slots, you can have 2 Pins that use the Same Touch Command. By using this, you can chain two similar psychs together by switchig between them while attacking!

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