(B) Black Cat Atlas, Vol 6

One of the 10 Black Cat Atlas Books, this volume covers putting Pins in a certain order to achieve better chains.


[edit] Purchasing

Location: WildKat Cafe (Cat Street)

Price: 500 Yen Pin.

[edit] Contents

[edit] Info

Did you know pins in lower-numbered slots respond to Touch Commands first? If you can't seem to use a Psych, reorder your Deck.

[edit] Tips

The "Piercing Pillar" and "Vulcan Uppercut" psychs are both invoked with an upward Slash. Prioritize them so their attacks link together!

[edit] Applying in Battle

With the two pins given in the example above, put them next to each other in your deck. For example, Piercing Pillar at Slot 1 and Vulcan Uppercut at Slot 2. Then, performing two consecutive Slashes up the screen, the two pins will activate one after the other.

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