104 Building

The 104 Building as seen from the Scramble Crossing

The 104 Building is known to many of the Players as a good meeting place, as well as a place to complete missions. Coincidentally, it also has many Underground-friendly stores, selling pins, Swag, and quest items.

On the day that Neku and Shiki run into Shiki's best friend Eri, Eri mentions that she just bought an outfit from 104, which might serve of proof of its popularity among the young residents of Shibuya.

[edit] Shops

In this area you can find the following shops:

[edit] Shibuya Navigation

From 104 Go..

[edit] Trivia

  • The 104 Building is based on the 109 Building in Shibuya, Japan.
  • The Poster on the front of the 104 Building will change depending on what Brand is currently at the top of the Brand Chart in the area.
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