Angel Magnum

Angel Magnum
Pin 021.png
Name Angel Magnum
No. 21
Brand Natural Puppy
Class A
Max Level 4
Value 15050
Spec Attack: 102
Psych Energy Rounds
Boot Instant
Reboot 6 sec.
Limit 12 Uses
Growth Bonus Power
Growth Speed Very Slow
Evolves to This pin will not evolve
Acquired from Dropped by 78 U
Evolves from Bear Hug Magnum.

Angel Magnum is Pin #21 in The World Ends With You.

Slash across Neku to fire a cluster shot in that direction. Inflicts damage on contact.
-In-Game Info

[edit] Tin Pin Specs

  • Weight: 3
  • Spin: 5
  • KO Length: 3
  • WHAMMIES: Stinger x6, Bomber x3, Hammer x8, Hand x0

[edit] Speculation&Trivia

This Pin is arguably the strongest -in terms of progression and Attack- out of the most powerful Energy Rounds group of Pins in the Natural Puppy brand, and hence out of all the Natural Puppy Energy Rounds Pins. This is however offset slightly by its cluster shot propagation: the bullets are fairly large which is good, but each shot only produces two of them and at a wide angle, so that the area in a horizontal line from Neku will likely be unaffected. Every slash produces between two and three shots in fast succession, so its initially high Limit is more like 4-6 slashes; all this means that, overall, this is a low-end Class A Pin.

The best tactic is to either be relatively close to the target when shooting, or shoot it into a large group of enemies.

As with other Magnum Pins, it is assumed that such name refers to their shooting rounds like a Magnum firearm: similarly to the other two Pins in this group (Sparkle Beam and Lil' Terror Bazooka respectively), there is an aquatic life-form within what looks like its natural environment. It is unclear why water creatures were chosen as the final group, especially due to the interesting fact that the creature is progressively further out of the water, until we see here a dolphin supposedly leaping out of it. This could suggest a progression to the sky, but considering the relevant group is behind this one (that group being One Love Magnum, Hounder Magnum and Bear Hug Magnum), this is probably not the case. It could instead denote a belief that creatures closer to the surface of the water are more powerful/better than those deeper down, perhaps due to their ability to exist in multiple environments (e.g. deeper water, surface water and air at the same time, irrespective of duration in each).

The dolphin on the Pin could refer to the mammals propensity of acting like a "guardian angel" (which would explain the Pins name) on many occasions to humans in dangerous situations (see this example), or could simply denote that the creators of TWEWY believe that the dolphin is superior to the other two aquatic life forms present and has no relation to the Pins name.

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