Aqua Demon

Pin 067.png
Name Aqua Demon
No. 67
Brand Mus Rattus
Class B
Max Level 5
Value 6550
Spec Attack: 120
Psych Splash Core
Boot Instant
Reboot 7.0
Limit 5
Growth Bonus Power
Growth Speed Slow
Evolves to This pin will not evolve
Acquired from

Aqua Demon is Pin #67 in The World Ends With You.

Touch empty space to create a small, stationary orb of water. Orbs inflict damage on contact and then rebound a good distance.
-In-Game Info

[edit] Tin Pin Specs

  • Weight: 5
  • Spin: 3
  • KO Length: 4
  • WHAMMIES: Stinger x8, Bomber x4, Hammer x3, Hand x1

[edit] Speculation&Trivia

In terms of Attack power and progression, this is the strongest in the Aqua Pins from the Mus Rattus brand: the good rebounding distance theoretically means that there are more chances of hitting multiple targets with one orb, although, as discussed in the Splash Core page, this is not the case. Yet, it is the size of the orbs that lets it down the most: they are in fact so small that often, even if the enemy passes in close proximity to them, they wont hit. Add to that the slow reboot time, coupled with the relatively small Limit, and this Pin turns out to be one of the less useful Splash Core Pins -barely managing to scrape into Class B.

As with other Splash Core Pins, the best tactic is to saturate the area either directly in front of the enemy, or practically on top of them.

The image is that of a creature with demonic features -however, remaining true to the brand style, it still looks cartoony and comical. It shares traits and features with the other two Aqua Pins, Aqua Monster and Aqua Ghost, such as the triangular-shaped head accessory and the colouring, alluding that this is the same creature, but at its final stage of evolution. This, although unclear if intentionally or not, is very reminiscent of Pokemon evolution. The creature retains the characteristic Mus Rattus ears -it could be said that this is due to the first iteration, Aqua Monster, having them, but it is more likely due to the fact that most Pins in this brand showcase the ears in some way or another. It is unclear what the P on its chest stands for: it could possibly mean Power, showing how strong this evolution is in comparison to the previous ones. Aqua refers to the Pins power, since in Latin it means Water.[1]

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