Aqua Ghost

Pin 066.png
Name Aqua Ghost
No. 66
Brand Mus Rattus
Class B
Max Level 5
Value 3250
Spec Attack: 98
Psych Splash Core
Boot Instant
Reboot 7.0
Limit 5
Growth Bonus Power
Growth Speed Slow
Evolves to Aqua Demon via BPP
Acquired from

Aqua Ghost is Pin #66 in The World Ends With You.

Touch empty space to create a large, stationary orb, of water. Orbs inflict damage on contact and then rebound a short distance.
-In-Game Info

[edit] Tin Pin Specs

  • Weight: 5
  • Spin: 3
  • KO Length: 4
  • WHAMMIES: Stinger x8, Bomber x6, Hammer x4, Hand x0

[edit] Speculation&Trivia

Second in terms of Attack power and progression in the Aqua Pins from the Mus Rattus brand, it retains all the pros of the Splash Core psych; its particularly large sphere is much more suitable at hitting targets. And that is why it is better than Aqua Demon: it is much easier to saturate the combat area with large spheres and achieve multiple hits. Further, with its short rebounding distance, it is more versatile, meaning that the orbs can be placed both on the battlefield and within large groups of Noise. However, it retains the slow reboot rate of the other Aqua pins, keeping it squarely within Class B.

As with other Splash Core Pins, the best tactic is to saturate the area either directly in front of the enemy, or practically on top of them.

The image on the Pin is that of a creature with suitably ghost-like features -however, remaining true to the brand style, it still looks cartoony and comical. It shares traits and features with the other two Aqua Pins, Aqua Monster and Aqua Demon, such as the triangular-shaped head accessory and the colouring, alluding that this is the same creature, but considering its placement in the Pins' progression, at its second stage of evolution. This, although unclear if intentionally or not, is very reminiscent of Pokemon evolution.The creature retains the characteristic Mus Rattus ears -it could be said that this is due to the first iteration, Aqua Monster, having them, but it is more likely due to the fact that most Pins in this brand showcase the ears in some way or another. The blue spheres around the creature, apart from providing some colour contrast, could represent the Pins Splash Core orbs. Aqua refers to the Pins power, since in Latin it means Water[1].

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