Bear Leisure

Pin 133.png
Name Bear Leisure
No. 133
Brand Sheep Heavenly
Class A
Max Level 4
Value 5600
Spec Recovery: 30%
Psych Healing
Boot Instant
Reboot n/a
Limit 4
Growth Bonus Uses
Growth Speed Somewhat slow
Evolves to
Acquired from

Bear Leisure is Pin #133 in The World Ends With You.

Touch the pin to restore a small amount of HP and cure Attack or Defense Breaks.
-In-Game Info

[edit] Tin Pin Specs

  • Weight: 7
  • Spin: 10
  • KO Length: 4
  • WHAMMIES: Stinger x10, Bomber x10, Hammer x0, Hand x0

[edit] Speculation & Trivia

Part of a group of Healing Pins in the Sheep Heavenly brand, and second most powerful out of them in terms of progression, it does exactly what it says: the fact that it also cures Attack and Defense Breaks is a nice bonus. Yet is that really needed? These statuses can indeed cause problems, but the shortness of individual battles, coupled with an effective utilisation of the Puck, makes this fact redundant. Overall, a low-end Class A Pin, which goes to high-end Class A were the removal of those negative statuses is necessary.

Tactics-wise, it is best reserves for a specific battle that one cannot accomplish due to the presence of Attack or/and Defense Break statuses -if it's instead needed only for healing, it is then suggested to utilise other healing Pins with a higher limit. As with all Healing Pins, it is best to put some distance from the enemy -dashing is ideal- and immediately using the Pin: this should minimise the chances of getting damaged or killed during healing.

As with the other Leisure Pins (Croc Leisure, Monkey Leisure and Squirrel Leisure being the other three), there is an image of the aforementioned animal resting or doing an activity it enjoys. The word Leisure probably refers to the psychologically and mentally rejuvenating properties of the same activity, most likely referring primarily to passive leisure[1]: all this can then be tied to the Pins' psych.

This particular Pin shows a bear relaxing in some kind of thermal outdoor bath at night time. It is likely that, due to the geographical location of the games developers and the location of Shibuya, this bath is an Onsen (see here for more details). Further, the fact that the bear is bathing at night suggests a fantastical approach: now that all humans have gone to sleep, the bear, towel in paw, sneaks into the Onsen for a relaxing bath. In realistic terms, no mentions of bears bathing in Onsens, or any other type of hot springs, could be found at the time of typing. It can be further suggested that the bear was chosen for this line of Pins due to its propensity for rest, particularly in relation to their "hibernation" (see here for more details).

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