Bebop Shark

Bebop Shark
Noise 62.PNG
No. 62
HP 1600
Attack 430
Res + 100%
Res - 100%
PP 5
EXP 200

Bebop Shark is Noise #62.

[edit] Information

"This sawshark is capable of deadly jump attack utilizing its long, sharp snout"
-Noise Tab

[edit] Pin Drops

Ultimate-Yoshimitsu- 5.00% Chance

Hard-10000 Yen- 15.00% Chance

Normal-Enju- 3.00% Chance

Easy-Strong Spirit- 5.00% Chance

[edit] Strategies/Tips

Sharks are invulnerable while it is swimming around, so wait for it to try to attack you which then it will surface, and unleash everything you got on it.

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