Noise 2.PNG
No. 2
HP 400
Attack 200
Res + 100%
Res - 100%
PP 2
EXP 25

The Bigbanfrog is the second Noise in the game.


[edit] Information

The trick to besting the bubbles these frogs spew lies in the other zone's Noise!
-Noise tab

[edit] Pin Drops

Ultimate-1000 Yen- 30.00% Chance

Hard-Rare Metal- 6.00% Chance

Normal-1000 Yen- 30.00% Chance

Easy-1000 Yen- 12.00% Chance

[edit] Combat

The Bigbanfrog is usually found with Bigbansprogs.

[edit] Location

This frog is found on Week 1, Day 4 at 104, Scramble Crossing, Shibu Dept. Store, Cadoi City, and Towa Records.

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