Black Sky, White Bolt

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Pin 163.png
Name Black Sky, White Bolt
No. 163
Brand Dragon Couture
Class B
Max Level 5
Value 6400
Spec Attack: 72
Psych Thundercloud
Boot 2.3
Reboot 2.3
Limit 1.0
Growth Bonus Power, Boot
Growth Speed Slow
Evolves to
Acquired from

Black Sky, White Bolt is Pin #163 in The World Ends With You.

Press empty space to create a ring and lock on to enemies that enter it, then lift the stylus to strike targets with lightning bolts.
-In-Game Info

[edit] Tin Pin Specs

  • Weight: 4
  • Spin: 10
  • KO Length: 5
  • WHAMMIES: Stinger x7, Bomber x0, Hammer x7, Hand x2

[edit] Speculation&Trivia

One of only three Pins to use this psych, it is the second most powerful in terms of progression and Attack -and as with the other two Pins, it shares exactly the same functions. As detailed in the psych's page, there is more to utilising them than first stated: as such, it is not one of the easiest Pins to use. Still, it makes for an interesting mechanic, and the possibility of large amounts of multiple hits is a good perk -the relatively low Attack makes it unsuited for later-game stages though. All-in-all, it is positioned squarely in Class B as a good-ish, but tricky, Pin.

The best tactic with it is to strike in the midst of numerous enemies to take advantage of its multi-hitting ability.

The name follows the Dragon Couture Pin tradition of having cause&effect names. In this case, we have a black, storm-shrouded sky, and out of it comes a white lightning bolt -lightning because the reference to its colour most likely indicates light, rather than sound&thunder. Further, the simple black&white contrast was possibly chosen for stylish reasons too.

The design itself shows two lightning bolts (perhaps due to colour&visibility in the game, the bolts are yellow rather than white), with what looks like the body of the dragon from the brand looping around them. The lightning bolts are seem to be originating from opposite directions -which is likely just to make them look visually better.

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