Brands are very important in the game, as they determine which pins work better than others in battle. A popular brand can multiply the attack power of a pin; alternatively, a weak brand pin will have only half of its default power. All other brands have normal power.

[edit] Brand List

In the game's Pause Menu, there is a link to the Pins page. The hot brands vary from area to area (or plane to plane), so a player must be aware exactly which brands are strong in which areas. The rank list has a place for first strongest, second strongest, third strongest, and weakest.

[edit] Influencing Trends

Although brands may be unranked or weak, they can still be brought up in rank if Neku or his partner wears them while fighting. This especially comes into play in some Reaper missions.

[edit] Special Circumstances

Occasionally, Neku and his partner will be in an area where there is no rank list. In that case, the player must use unbranded pins.

Pork City is the only exception; only a single brand will work per floor. To progress through each floor, you must be able to efficiently use all 13 Brands in The World Ends With You. Unbranded pins also work on all floors.

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