Brassbanfrog is Noise #4.

Noise 4.PNG
No. 4
HP 2000
Attack 550
Res + 100%
Res - 200%
PP 6
EXP 270

[edit] Information

"Long-range attacks heal these freaky frogs. Take them out at point blank with a blade!"
-Noise Tab

[edit] Pin Drops

Ultimate-Orichalcum- 10.00% Chance

Hard-Orichalcum- 5.00% Chance

Normal-Tektite- 15.00% Chance

Easy-Rare Metal- 30.00% Chance

Brassbanfrogs are mainly known for their ability to absorb all distance attacks and projectiles.

[edit] Location

This Frog is found on Another Day at Station Underpass, Rubicon, Trail of the Sinner, Scramble Crossing, Statue of Hachiko, and Udagawa Back Streets.

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