Chinese Zodiac

A sample Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac has a great influence on this game. For every twelve years, there is a certain animal assigned to each year, much like Astrological symbols and birth months.

[edit] Relations To Brands

However, the 13th brand Gatito, which seems to stand for the cat, is not on the Zodiac list but does have connections to the Chinese Zodiac. One of the most popular versions of the origin of the Zodiac states that the cat did not attend the banquet the Jade Emperor was holding because the rat tricked him into believing it was the next day. Another popular story of the Zodiac says that the rat pushed the cat off of the ox's back during a race to see who would gain a spot as an animal of the Zodiac. Some of these brands may correspond to an international zodiac as well, such as tigre punks being leo and hip snake being ophuicha. Here is the matching up of brands to the Zodiac:


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