ChoBIT Orchestra Ver.1.02

choBIT Orchestra Ver.1.02
Composer Takeharu Ishimoto
Contributing Artists SAWA, Makiko Noda, Mini Metal Master

ChoBIT Orchestra Ver.1.02 is the 2nd Remix album. It is a collection of 5 songs, 4 are new remixes from It's A Wonderful World, and one brand new song created for the album.

The album takes on a techno theme for the 5 tracks.

choBIT Orchestra Ver.1.02 was released on the Square Enix Music Stores and iTunes on September 16, 2010.

[edit] Tracks

1. choBIT: Twister -???-

2. choBIT: Deja vu -Sanctuary Mix-

3. choBIT: Three Minutes Clapping -no clapping-

4. choBIT: Long Dream -Parallel Mix-

5. MMM:001/The World Ends With You

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