Draco Cantus

Draco Cantus is Noise #.95.

Draco Cantus
Noise 95.PNG
No. 95
HP 25000
Attack 100
Res + 100%
Res - 100%
PP 150

[edit] Information

Kitanji's dragon form after integrating Joshua. Aim for the heads to finish it off!
-Noise Tab

[edit] Pin Drops

Ultimate- Black Venus -13.00% Chance

Hard- Dark Matter -5.00% Chance

Normal- Anguis -1.11% Chance

Easy- Hip Snake -10.00% Chance

[edit] Strategies/Tips

d2killerz - Aim at the bottom dragons on the sides. Avoid getting hit by the main/largest dragon at the top due to the high damage it causes. Pins that can hit an entire area are useful as they will cause double to triple damage if the attack hits multiple heads.

Remember to look at the top screen and use the puck multiplier to increase your damage.

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