ESP'er rank and points are located on the Game Report/Saved Data screen. There are 7(8) ranks in all. There are two ways to get points.

One is by battling. One point per battle, so if you were to chain a 8 battles and win, you would get 8 points. The second is by buying anything worth 10,000 or more. (One Point)

--Confirmation needed for the below list-- Ranking is a combination of all the ranks in the screen (Pin Master, Item Completion, ESP'er Points)

Rank Name Rank Letter Points Needed
Human E 0
Spoon Bender D  ?
Super Natural C  ?
Reaper C  ?
Conductor B  ?
Composer B  ?
Fallen Angel A  ?
Angel A  ?
Demon A  ?
God * 10,000

To obtain God for the NA/EU version, you must have EXACTLY 10k points. This is due to a glitch that causes the game to change your rank to Demon if it goes past 10k.

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