Eiji Oji

Eiji Oji, better known as 'The Prince of Ennui', is a hot celebrity in Shibuya. His blog, F Everything (the 'F' standing for 'fabulous'), gets over 100,000 hits a day as the residents try to follow what the Prince claims are the trends. He is also one of the few Realground characters mentioned regularly in the game.

[edit] In the Storyline

In Week One, the Prince causes the popularity of the Red Skull Pins to skyrocket when he gives advice on making them popular to a very stressed Makoto. Later on, in Week Two, we learn that Makoto has been abusing the Prince's friendship in order to drive up the popularity of his new restaurant, Shadow Ramen. The Prince, angry and upset, finds Ken Doi's Ramen Don shop and falls in love with the ramen. Instead of writing more about Shadow Ramen, he instead writes about Ramen Don.

[edit] In Another Day

In Another Day, the Prince is one of the many opponents you can play at Tin Pin Slammer. Shiki, a very large fan of his, orders Neku not to win against him (supposedly out of manners), but when Neku does she gets very upset. However, Shiki then says that Neku will play Tin Pin with him any time after the Prince makes a remark about how much fun he had.

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