Fly Line

Fly Line
Name Fly Line
No. 200
Brand Wild Boar
Class A
Max Level 5
Value 3250
Spec Attack: 104
Psych Grave Marker
Boot Instant boot
Reboot Reboots in 7.0s
Limit 3 uses
Growth Bonus Power
Growth Speed Slow
Evolves to Fresh Line
Acquired from Noise #40 Normal)

Fly Line is Pin #200 in The World Ends With You.

Slash vertically down on an enemy and Neku will teleport above it and attack with a downward stab.
-In-Game Info

[edit] Tin Pin Specs

  • Weight: 2
  • Spin: 2
  • KO Length: 3
  • WHAMMIES: Stinger x0, Bomber x4, Hammer x14, Hand x0
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