Fusion Attack

The Fusion Attack is a combined attack effort that triggers a cut scene in which Neku Sakuraba and his current partner attack all on screen Noise. There are three levels of Fusion attacks which grow stronger as more combinations are formed via the Combo Map.

Before you can perform a Fusion Attack, you must receive the blank pin (called the Harmonizer Pin) from Mr. Hanekoma with Shiki during week one.


[edit] Neku+Shiki

Fusion-S1.png -Level 1

Fusion-S2.png -Level 2

Fusion-S3.png -Level 3

[edit] Neku+Joshua

Fusion-J1.png -Level 1

Fusion-J2.png -Level 2

Fusion-J3.png -Level 3

[edit] Neku+Beat

Fusion-B1.png -Level 1

Fusion-B2.png -Level 2

Fusion-B3.png -Level 3

[edit] Final Fusion

Fusion-FF.png -This pin has no specified level, and can only be used at the end of the battle against Draco Cantus. It doesn't need any Fusion Stars, and automatically appears when you get to a certain point in the battle.

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