It's A Wonderful World

It's A Wonderful World is the Japanese version of The World Ends With You.

[edit] Regional Differences

  • Tin Pin Slammer is called Marble Slash in Japanese
  • The large sign on the 104 Building at the start of the game reads "YOU HAVE 7 DAYS" in the English version, but "TIME LIMIT WITHIN 7 DAYS" in the Japanese version.
  • The Japanese version had one more ESP'er Rank after "Demon", the "God" rank.
The 5 Pins that changed for the English Release.
  • Japanese version had four pins (Polytan, Gemaga, Nindori-Kun, and Famitsu) which were references to Japanese gaming magazines (Dengeki, Gemaga, Nintendo Dream, and Famitsu respectively). Their icons and descriptions were changed to Fuji Yama, Daruma, Sushi, Shinobi in the NA/EU version. The stats of the pins did not change.
  • In Japan, a "Wonderful World Edition" Nintendo DS Lite was produced, marked with the Reapers' skull symbol and the name of the game.
  • The max limit on ESP'er points is 10,000 which fixes the God Rank Glitch in the US/EU version.

[edit] Trivia

  • The English version had 'YOU HAVE 7 DAYS' as its main phrase. Yet, when prompted to delete your data when starting a new game, the phrase 'TIME LIMIT WITHIN 7 DAYS' can be seen in the background of the Touch Screen.

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