Name Yoshiya Kiryu
Age 15
First Appearance Week 1, Day 1 (Statue of Hachiko)

Joshua is Neku's second partner in The World Ends With You. After week one with Shiki, the player is forced to play through another week in the Reaper's Game. This time around, upon waking up in the Scramble Crossing, Joshua forges a pact with Neku and they begin a fight.


[edit] Description

It's quickly evident Joshua is clever beyond his fifteen years - as sly as they come. Unfortunately, his insufferably snotty attitude only serves to widen the gulf between him and Neku...but his knowledge, especially about the Game, does earn him some points.
-Game Manual

Joshua is a very secretive character and tries to hide his every intent from Neku but eventually he reveals some of his secrets and memories of...Neku.

[edit] Fighting Style

[edit] Weapon

Joshua fights by using his cell phone to lock-on to enemies, then executes one of two Combo Finishers, depending on whether he is in the air or on the ground. While grounded, he drops objects ranging from traffic cones to vending machines to motorcycles, with more lock-ons corresponding to larger objects, which deal more damage. When airborne, Joshua uses his phone to call down angelic energy beams.

[edit] Earning Fusion Stars

Joshua's style of play is based on the concept of playing cards either "high" or "low." Five random numbers are displayed in card form at the top of the screen, with either a red arrow pointing upward, a blue arrow pointing downward, or a white equal sign in the lower right corner of each card. The player navigates the Combo Map to select one of three displayed numbers, which is then compared to the currently highlighted card. If the highlighted card has an up arrow, then the selected card must have a greater value to earn a Fusion Star; if it has a down arrow, then a lower value is needed; an equal sign requires a card of the exact same value. Regardless of whether or not a Star is earned, the cursors will move to the next card on the left. After each fifth card played and a new combo is started, new numbers and signs are dealt, and the cursor resets to the rightmost card. That is, the player will not be aware of the condition for ever sixth combo until that combo is started.

[edit] Aerial Attacks

By pressing up, Joshua will teleport into the air, where he will float until down is pressed or he is hit by an enemy's attack. Unlike Joshua's ground combo, each lock-on while airborne deals damage to the enemy in targets.

[edit] Defense

If down is pressed while Joshua is idle and grounded, then he will execute a quick sidestep, capable of avoided any attack. However, the timing for this is a bit more difficult than Shiki or Beat's guard manouvers.

[edit] Reversal

At any time while one or more enemies are locked-on to during Joshua's ground combo, pressing in the opposite direction of the combo will cause Joshua to use his phone's camera to move locked-onto enemies to the opposite side of the screen, and possibly stun them.

[edit] Difficulty Differences

There are no known differences between Joshua's style of play on different difficulties.

[edit] Tips And Tricks

  • Joshua's Level 3 Fusion Attack is the only one in the game with a polarity - Negative.
  • By getting six or more lock-ons in one aerial combo, Joshua's Combo Finisher becomes a more pair of more powerful beams that strike both sides of the screen.

[edit] Storyline

Spoiler Alert - Plot details ahead

This is the true form of Joshua.

It is revealed on Week 3, Day 7, that Joshua is actually the Composer. One week prior to the beginning of Week 1, he had decided to erase all of Shibuya, due to him believing that it had grown too stagnant, and that none of its inhabitants were likely to ever explore its true possibilities. His Conductor, Megumi Kitaniji‎, challenged Him to a game in order to save Shibuya, the two agreeing that if Kitaniji could change it for the better, then the Composer would stay His hand. One of the conditions of their game was that the Composer would leave the Underground, selecting a proxy to play in his stead. That proxy was Neku Sakuraba.

After the game, and His final showdown with Neku, Joshua decided against erasing Shibuya, as the fact that Neku, one of Shibuya's most withdrawn individuals, could change was proof enough for Him that Shibuya wasn't as hopeless as He had once thought.

Joshua appeared to be a teen the same age as Neku during most of the game, but his true form is that of an adult. The change in his appearance was due to him having to drastically "down-tune" his Vibe in order to appear in the Realground and, later on, the Underground. This is due his base Vibe being so high that even some Reapers would not ordinarily be able to percieve him.

[edit] Trivia

  • On Week 1, Day 1, Joshua can be seen standing near the Statue of Hachiko before Neku makes a pact with Shiki.
  • Joshua's Level 3 Fusion is the only one whose battlecry has Neku speak first.

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