Joshua's Boss Challenge

Joshua's Boss Challenge is an optional task that can be completed in Another Day. It is given to you by Joshua in the Room of Reckoning after the site is unlocked (you must have completed the cut scene at Ramen Don).

[edit] List of Bosses

[edit] Rewards

If you manage to complete the Challenge, Joshua will give you a six-pin starter set, which, as the name suggests, consists of the starting five pins and the Cure Drink pin Rhyme gives you. After beating it the first time, Joshua will reward you with the Angel Feather. The time will be posted on the Game Report/Save Data Screen if the challenge was completed on Hard or Ultimate difficulty. Completing it on Easy or Normal will only give you the items and the satisfaction of knowing you have defeated it.

[edit] Tips

All Fusion Stars that are earned in one battle carry on to the next, so if one battle is giving you difficulty, as long as you aren't going for time, you can just hang around the previous battle to get a Fusion. All of your Pins that have a limited amount of uses get refilled after the Tigris Cantus fight, so don't bother preserving uses in that one.

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