Makoto is the man who initially made the Red Skull Pins popular (although he received considerable help from Neku and Shiki). After he becomes successful, he gets swept up in his success and becomes much more unlikable, as he opens up Shadow Ramen without seeming to feel any remorse for Ken Doi, whose business suffers because of it. After Shadow Ramen is closed, Makoto reverts back to his original personality.

He is apparently schoolmates with Ai and Mina. Ai has a crush on him, which leads to a Reaper Creeper mission that must be completed in Week One.

[edit] Shadow Ramen

If a player selected the right option during Week Three when Makoto is talking to his old boss, Shadow Ramen will be opened up again, although the only day anything can be purchased there is on Day Six of Week Three (although the store also exists in Another Day.

One interesting note is that Makoto is the only shopkeeper who becomes less friendly as his FSG goes up, as he begins to worry that Neku is only coming by because he is romantically attracted to Makoto and he worries about how he is going to handle the situation.

[edit] Another Day

Makoto is one of your opponents in Tin Pin Slammer.

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