Mingle Mode

Mingle Mode makes use of the DS wireless functionality and allows you to gain their equipped threads and also Mingle PP.

Anyone you encounter in mingle mode is added as a friend on the phone menu.


[edit] The Mingle Menu

[edit] Your Game report

"This details how deeply you've gotten into the game"


[edit] User Icon

"You can select one from teh items window on the bottom screen."

This is a changeable depiction of your character for others to see while mingling.

[edit] Character Information

"Your current threads and deck."

Lists your clothes and equipped deck.

[edit] Your Info

"The User Name and Message stored on your DS."

[edit] Start Panel

"Touch this panel to start mingling."===

[edit] Layout while Mingling

[edit] Mingle Log

Details what items you have obtained while mingling.

[edit] Information Window

Details how many of each type of "Mingler" you have encountered.

  • ESP'er
  • Civvie
  • Alien

[edit] Mingle Settings

Allows you to change the settings for mingle mode.

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