Mingle PP

Mingle PP (MPP) may be gained through Mingle Mode or by playing Tin Pin Slammer.

To earn MPP points, you must "encounter" others:

  • Civvie
    • Any DS game running from another system. It should be noted that a Civvie will only be encountered if the DS is sending out signals, such as the Pictochat option on a DS. 20 points.
  • ESP'er
    • Any DS with TWEWY running on mingle mode. 50 points.
  • Alien
    • Random encounters that are programed into the game. 100 points.

A cheap way of gaining MPP, if you have a Wii, is to download the Nintendo Channel and transmit DS demos while in Mingle Mode in the game. It will count it as another game running and thus as a civvie and you will get 20 points :) An alternate method is using Pictochat on another DS at the same time will also count as a civvie.

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