Neku Sakuraba

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Neku Sakuraba
Neku as he appears in The World Ends With You.
Name Neku Sakuraba
Age 15
First Appearance Week One, Day One
Role Player

Neku is the protagonist and main character of The World Ends With You. He wakes up in the middle of Scramble Crossing in Shibuya, Japan with no memories of his past other than his name. Neku seems to have one of the highest levels of Imagination in Shibuya.

[edit] Description

At fifteen, Neku is an ardent fan of graffiti, but far less enthusiastic about forging relationships with other people. When The Reapers' Game throws him into contact with other players, he has two choices: open up...or get picked off.
-Game Manual

Neku is normally not one to get involved with other people. A sadistic introvert, Neku is not very fond of interacting with others. At the start of The World Ends With You Neku is cold to Shiki, his first partner in The Reaper's Game. However, as the Game goes on, Neku slowly warms up and becomes more interactive with others, eventually reaching the point where other people are the most important things in his life.

Neku has what might be the highest Imagination ability in Shibuya, if you don't count the Composer or Producer. This is shown by the fact that Neku is able to use every single pin in existence, without any extra help. Neku is given the Harmonizer Pin by Mr. H. The Harmonizer Pin forces Neku to interact with others, since it can only be activated when a Player and his Partner are in synch with each other.

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