One Love Magnum

One Love Magnum
Pin 016.png
No. 16
Brand Natural Puppy
Class A
Max Level 6
Value 3000
Spec Attack: 70
Psych Energy Rounds
Boot 0 sec
Reboot 6 sec
Limit 10
Growth Bonus Power
Growth Speed Somewhat Slow
Evolves to Hounder Magnum
Acquired from Sold by Cadoi City
Sold by Accessory Heaven KuraKura (Statue of Hachiko)

One Love Magnum is Pin #16 in The World Ends With You.

Slash across Neku to fire a three-way penetrating bullet in that direction. Inflicts damage on contact.
-In-Game Info

[edit] Tin Pin Specs

  • Weight: 3
  • Spin: 3
  • KO Length: 3
  • WHAMMIES: Stinger x3, Bomber x5, Hammer x8, Hand x0
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