The Player Pin identifies Players to each other and to the Reapers.

Players are the souls of recently dead teenagers who compete against each other in the Reaper's Game to achieve the prize: restored life and the chance to go back to the Realground.

[edit] Selection

Players seem to always be young, and always from the area of Shibuya. Supposedly, the number of Players participating in the Game varies from week to week depending on the level of recent deaths in the area, but this is never proven as the focus remains on Neku and his allies and no new Players are met from one week to the next.

[edit] Playing the Game

When the game begins, the Players wake up in a certain area, normally the Scramble Crossing, and receive their mission via cell phone. Along the way, they must form a pact with another Player in order to team up and defeat the Noise (and fend off the attacks from the Reapers themselves), or else risk being destroyed, or erased, by the Noise. The two Players must stay together until the final day, where the winning Player is restored to life and all others are erased.

As far as can be gathered from the game, Neku is the only Player to have played for more than one week, unless one includes Beat, who became a Reaper in week two and formed a pact with Neku in week three.

[edit] Powers

All Players are equipped with a Player Pin, which also allows them to scan the thoughts of living people in the RG. Players can also collect pins, which allow them to use special attacks on Noise. In addition, Neku's partners have their own unique attacks, which, through completing a certain pattern or whatnot, can unleash the joint Fusion Attack.

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