Pork City

Pork Citys 1st Floor

Pork City is the place where Sho Minamimoto is found at the end of Week Two. Neku and Joshua must fight through three levels of Noise. Later, in Another Day, Neku must fight through all thirteen levels of Noise, also taking out one Pig Noise per level. Mr. Hanekoma is the boss at the top, as Panthera Cantus, who is the Strongest Boss in the game.

[edit] Pork City's Trends

Each floor of Pork City has only one brand of pins that will work in fights (for instance, Floor One's brand is Mus Rattus). Therefore, the "cow and mouse" the mission mail calls for in Week Two refers to the two brands of pins needed, Mus Rattus and D+B.

In Another Day, you will need to use all thirteen brands in order to get to the top. Of course, unbranded pins also work.

[edit] Shibuya Navigation

From Pork City Go..

  • Out to Dogenzaka by heading Right at the 1st Floor

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