Pyrokinesis (Pin)

Pin 266.png
No. 266
Brand Unbranded
Class A
Max Level 3
Value 0
Spec Attack: 22
Psych Pyrokinesis
Boot Ready to use in 1.5s
Reboot Reboots in 4.5s
Limit Lasts 2.6s
Growth Bonus Power, Boot
Growth Speed Very Fast
Evolves to Does not evolve
Acquired from Week 1 Day 1, Another Day Final Time Attack

Pyrokinesis is Pin #266 in The World Ends With You. This is the first pin you receive in the game and also the first psych you find out Neku can use. It has a orange and yellow fire symbol and is red.

Drag across the screen to create a path of flames. Inflicts damage on contact.
-In-Game Info

[edit] Tin Pin Specs

  • Weight: 5
  • Spin: 9
  • KO Length: 4
  • WHAMMIES: Stinger x4, Bomber x9, Hammer x5, Hand x1,

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