The Reapers' Game

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The Reapers' Game is the focus of The World Ends With You. It takes place in the alternate dimension of Shibuya of the Underground. It is played by young people who have recently died, called Players, and each game takes one week. It is presided over by the Reapers and the Game Master, who try to prevent any Players from winning the Game. Two high-ranking Reapers, the Composer and the Conductor, also help to provide a challenge. Any Player who wins is allowed to return to the world of the living, or the Realground.

[edit] How to Play

Each morning, every Player receives a message on their cell phone, outlining the mission that must be completed that day. Several missions can be given out in a day, and vary depending on who is Game Master that week. The Players are imprinted with a clock counting down to the end of the mission. Any Player who fails to complete the mission in the given amount of time will be erased, or removed from existence. The Players who succeed will be skipped ahead to the next morning, and receive their next mission. They receive a certain number of points for the way they performed during their time in the game (for instance, erasing Noise). The player with the highest amount of points wins the Game and is returned to life.

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