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Name Raimu Bito
Age 11-13
First Appearance Week 1, Day 2
Rhyme's earnest and hard-working attitude proves a big help to Neku and Shiki early on, as well as to her partner, Beat. She has an addiction to adages and no shortage of smiles, and without her, the others would be lost.
-Game Manual

Rhyme is Beat's younger sister. When she and Beat entered the game together, her entry fee was her dreams and memories of Beat.

Spoiler Alert - Plot details ahead

On the second day of week one, Rhyme and Beat meet with Neku and Shiki. They plan on meeting the next day but Beat's competitiveness keeps them apart. On day three, Rhyme and Beat complete the provided mission by defeating a small noise forgotten by Neku. However, on day four, a trick was laid out and Beat is almost erased by a shark Noise, but Rhyme pushes him out of the way and saves him while sacrificing her life. She is transformed into a Noise and contained in a pin, and Beat keeps her until she is taken away from him.

At the end of the game, it is shown that Rhyme has been restored to her old self.

[edit] Another Day

In Another Day, Rhyme originally claims to Beat and the gang that her pins were stolen, like theirs, by the Black Skullers. However, she is really a part of the Skullers because Beat was ignoring her and she wanted to take the pins away so he would pay attention.

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