Sanae Hanekoma

Name Sanae Hanekoma

Sanae Hanekoma is the owner of the coffee shop WildKat Cafe on Cat Street, and a great help to Neku, especially during Week Two of the Game. He is later revealed to be the owner of CAT. He seems to know a lot about the Game, although he resides in the Realground.

[edit] Spoiler Alert - Plot details ahead

Revealed in the secret reports, Sanae Hanekoma is a Producer AND Fallen Angel. He became a fallen angel after teaching Sho Minaimato how to create a taboo sigil, which he used to revive himself. The reasons why he chose Sho is explained in Secret Report 11.

During his stay in Another Day where he picks up Joshua, he attacks AD Neku with Panthera Cantus.

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