Shadow Ramen

The Shadow Ramen store is the Ramen store that appears in Week Two of the game. It gains great popularity among the residents of Shibuya, despite the fact that it isn't as good as its advertising (including the famous 'Prince of Ennui's endorsement on his blog, 'F Everything'). It goes out out of business by the end of the week, as Ken Doi's Ramen Don shop gains in popularity again.

Mysteriously, it opens again towards the end of Week Three, although most of the items it sells are Quest Items.

It is also accesible in Another Day, but only after completing the Tin Pin sublplot. If the player jumps to different chapter and then returns to Another Day, they woul have to complete the subplot all over again to gain access, making it more conveniently accessed by jumping to Week Three, Day 7.

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