Shutdown PP

Shutdown PP is PP earned while you are not playing The World Ends With You. PP helps pins to become stronger and also to evolve into stronger forms.

Shutdown PP is required for certain types of pins to evolve.

[edit] Earning Shutdown PP

Simply turn off your DS and either keep it off, or remove the game and play another game.

Here is the chart for the amount earned per day shutdown:

Day Points Earned
1 144
2 72
3 36
4 18
5 9
6 9
7 9

Although the counter continues past 7 days, you may not earn any more than 297 points total. These points are then spread out among the pins currently in your deck.

[edit] Rapidly Gaining SDPP

Due to the fact that SDPP is based on the internal clock in the DS, it is very easy to cheat the game into thinking you haven't played for a certain amount of time. To do so, use this strategy:

  1. Turn off you DS
    • If you want you may also take out the game cartridge, it makes no difference in the end
  1. Turn on the DS
  2. Go into the configuration setting
    1. Click the DS icon after the main loading screen
    2. Click the clock/calendar icon
    3. Change the date
    • It is easiest and better to go back in the past. Depending on how many SDPP points you want, go further back.
  1. Turn the DS off
    • Re-insert cartridge if you removed it
  1. Turn it back on and load TWEWY
  2. Continue your game and be happy that you gained points
  3. For more points repeat this process, each time moving forward 7 days for the maximum amount of points

Have fun cheating the system :)

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