Sota and Nao

Nao and Sota.

Sota and Nao are two Players encountered during Week Two of the Reaper's Game. The two are first seen as residents of the Realground during Week One when Neku and Shiki are trying to help Makoto sell his Red Skull pins. Makoto lies about having a grandpa who wanted to see the pins worn by everyone, which hits a soft spot in the both of them. They supposedly die, because in the next week they help Neku and Joshua by completing a mission. They later give the Tin Pin Golem to the two, saying that they felt Neku could get more use out of it then they could.

[edit] Sota

Sota is a punk, and can be intimidating when he wants to be. In spite of this, he loves Nao a lot and is very kind. In some ways, he is similar to Beat's character. After Nao is erased by a Taboo Noise, Sota reassures Neku that her death wasn't Neku's fault before being erased himself.

[edit] Nao

Nao may seem dopey and clueless at times (often adding the word 'like' in an unnecessary amount of times), but she proves herself to be extremely helpful and kind, much like Sota. She can be shy, though, and lets Sota do much of the talking. She is erased by a Taboo Noise in Week Two.

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