Splash Core

Splash Core is a psych used by various Pins, with the largest concentration in the Mus Rattus brand. In all cases, the main description is:

Touch empty space to create a stationary orb of water. Orbs inflict damage on contact and then rebound.
-In-Game Info

Pins that use Splash Core are:

[edit] Mechanics

While the main description holds true for all Splash Core Pins, the orb size and rebounding distance variate, as follows:

  • Aqua Ghost is unique amongst them, possessing the shortest rebounding distance and the largest orb.
  • Aqua Monster, Aqua Pawn and Black Mercury all have medium-length rebounding distance and medium-sized orbs.
  • Aqua Demon and Frog have the furthest rebounding distance and the smallest orbs.

The following mechanics hold true for all the Splash Core Pins:

  • The orbs cannot be "spammed" onto the screen, as is the case with other touch-screen psychs: there is a small pause after each orb is placed (<1 second to 1 second) before more can be placed.
  • Each orb will remain on-screen for a number of seconds (3-4s): towards the end of this period, the orb will start flashing, and then it will disappear.
  • Each orb can be hit multiple times, for a total of four hits. After that, the orb will disappear, regardless of how much time it has left before normally doing such.
  • The Puck is passed immediately upon an orb being hit.
  • If an enemy is in the middle of its attack move it will sometimes be stopped by hitting an orb -such as when a frog-type Noise jumps towards the Player to cause damage; if the orb hits it in the middle of its jump, it will be stopped.

[edit] Speculations&Tactics

Although good at instantly passing the Puck, this psych is average to good at best, and there are plenty of touch-screen psychs that are better. What lets it down is three-fold:

  1. The mechanic of having to hit the orb means that, unless it is placed in a large group of enemies or/and in their path, it might just remain in empty space.
  2. The rebound ability is quite detractory from it, in fact the less it rebounds the better. Indeed, in most battles, there are enemies on both sides of the bottom screen, but lets say one hits the orb -it will not rebound far enough to reach the other enemies, but it will go far enough from the Noise it hit to pose less of a threat to it.
  3. The orbs have very little stopping power, so placing them in the path of an enemy will hit them, but do little to stop their progression, making their uses even more limited -for example, they cannot be used as a provisional barrier to stop enemies advancing towards the player.

As such, one of the best ways to utilise this psych is at the start of the battle, so to pass the Puck immediately. Secondly, it is always best to place orbs either in the middle of a large group of enemies, or directly on top of an enemy, to insure a hit every time.

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