Subconscious is a psych used by only a few Pins in the whole game. They can be divided into two groups: those that use their own healing powers, with their main description as follows:

Automatically restores HP when they are depleted.
-In-Game Info

And those which utilise a regular healing Pins' powers, with their main description as follows:

Automatically uses any HP recovery pins Neku is wearing to heal whenever HP are depleted.
-In-Game Info

Pins that use Subconscious are:

[edit] Mechanics

While the main descriptions hold true for the two groups of Subconscious Pins, they vary in when they are activated, as follows:

  • Blown Kiss and Guardian Angel are activated when HP are half depleted.
  • Archangel, Handsfree Healing and Visionary Blend are activated when HP are low (below 30%, most likely between 30 and 20%).

The following mechanics hold true for all Subconscious Pins:

  • As soon as the percentage of HP needed to trigger the psych is reached, the Pin is activated automatically, without any need to be touched with the stylus.
  • The Pin activating is nearly instantaneous, but not quite: this means that if, for example, the HP are close to the triggering percentage, and then get immediately lowered to 0% (through the Player being hit for massive damage or similar means), the Pin will not activate in time.
  • Those Pins that use another's healing are subject to the latters' rules: hence, the Puck is passed upon their activation, the amount it takes for them to come into effect depends on the healing Pin used, and if the Player is being hit with continuous damage (such as through the fire breath of the drake-type Noises), the healing will not take place until the damage has stopped.
  • If there are multiple healing Pins to be used in the active Deck, and one gets depleted while there are still automatic uses left, then the next Pin in line will be utilised: this will continue until the one using other healing Pins runs out.

[edit] Speculations&Tactics

Because this psych presents two different groups, these will be examined individually, as follows:

  1. Those that use their own healing power present a strong option: without having to worry about activating the Pin, the player can keep fighting and have little preoccupations. However, their biggest handicap lies in their Limit of one or two uses, which makes them poorly suited for multiple Chained Battles. It is then advised to use them for boss battles or single, harder battles, were their potential shines through
  2. Those that use another healing Pin try to combine the benefits of both: an automatic healing system with a much larger Limit and variation of healing possibilities. Yet the question remains: is it worth using two slots up?
    Later in the game, a player may have up to six slots at their disposal, but during mid-game, when this kind of Pin becomes available, this will probably be between four and five slots -so is it worth taking two up? It is advised that this is not the case: if one has managed to reach this far without utilising an automatic feature, then it is likely that they have either got used to activating the Pin, or have not required it. This would be even more evident in the later stages, for although enemies will be tougher, a player should of acquired sufficient experience to utilise very easily a healing Pin.
    Finally, the motto "The best defense is a good offense"[1] is very true for this game: having a good repertoire of offensive Pins is more important of having several defensive ones.
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