777, the leader of band Def Märch

777 (Triple 7) is lead singer in a band called Def Märch. He sends you on a quest to find the tech from his band, which leads you on a wild goose-chase across Shibuya. You can interact with him, which makes him a Reaper. His characteristic wings are noticed when Neku and Shiki think about it. In week 2 he forces Joshua and Neku to go and find out who stole the mic, their symbol of the band, when it turned out to be the reaper in the red hoodie, as he doesn't want to break up the band over who wants to be the singer. 777 is a free-spirited Reaper that isn't bound down by the rules. He finds his own way, and doesn't enjoy being told what to do. He feels he has loyalties to nothing other than what he thinks is right, and that benefits Neku in the future. Unfortunately, he is erased in Week Three by Mitsuki Konishi after being defeated in battle.

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