(B) Black Cat Atlas, Vol 9

Black Cat Atlas Vol 9 is one of the 10 Black Cat Atlas Books. This volume covers information on Pins.


[edit] Purchasing

Location: WildKat Cafe (Cat Street)

Price: 10000 Yen Pin.

[edit] Contents

[edit] Info

Did you know some pins can only be acquired through evolution? If you're gunning for 100%, don't just rely on Shops and battles.

[edit] Tips

Some stores may not stock the samepins on your Game Card as they do on your friends. [[Mingle Mode|Mingling makes it easier to collect all the pins!

[edit] Applying in Battle

The powerful Black Planet pins can only be retrieved from powerful enemies on high difficulties. But, one of these Pins will be avaliable at WildKat after reaching a certain level of Friendship. If you have enough friends with the game, you might be able to easily retrieve all 6 without going through the hard battles.

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