The Dixiefrog is Noise number 1.

Noise 1.PNG
No. 1
HP 200
Attack 100
Res + 100%
Res - 100%
PP 1
EXP 15

[edit] Information

Powerful legs propel this hop-happy frog Noise around, and lend a biting edge to its kick!
-Noise Tab

[edit] Pin Drops

Ultimate-1000 Yen-10.00%

Hard-500 Yen-7.50%

Normal-100 Yen-30.00%

Easy-100 Yen-15.00%

[edit] Location

This frog is found on Week 1, Day 1 at Scramble Crossing, Statue of Hachiko, and 104. It is also found on Week 1, Day 2 at the Station Underpass and West exit Bus Terminal.

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