Doom Metal Drake

Doom Metal Drake is Noise # 45.

Doom Metal Drake
Noise 45.PNG
No. 45
HP 4000
Attack 150
Res + 120%
Res - 120%
PP 6
EXP 350

[edit] Information

Wyvern Noise pair lethal strength with a breath attack capable of annihilating opponents.
-Noise Tab

[edit] Battle Tips

Wyvern Noise will always appear alone, and cannot attack the level of elevation Joshua floats at.(With the exception of Goth Metal Drake.) So a good strategy for defeating Wyvern Noise is to use Joshua and levitate in the air so you will not be hit.

[edit] Pin Drops

Ultimate-10000 Yen-20.00%

Hard-Dragon Couture-0.03%


Easy-Flames Afar Foes Aflame-1.00%

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