Fusion Shark

Fusion Shark is Noise # 63.

Fusion Shark
Noise 63.PNG
No. 63
HP 3000
Attack 500
Res + 100%
Res - 100%
PP 6
EXP 300


[edit] Information

Hammer-horned and hungry, these shark Noise are able to pound out killer tsunamis!
-Noise Tab

[edit] Tips

It is possible to get a complete combo off of a full-powered shark if you start you combo the moment it comes onto your target side of the field.

[edit] Pin Drops


Hard-10000 Yen-30.00%

Normal-Gimmie Dat Sheep-0.30%


[edit] Location

This shark is found on Day 5 of Week 3 at Station Underpass, Dogenzaka, Towa Records, Shibu-Q Heads and Udagawa Back Streets.

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