Fusion Stars

Fusion Stars are what is needed to unlock Neku and Neku's partner's Fusion Attack. They can be collected in a variety of ways. For more information on each character's Fusion Star collection method, refer to his or her character page.

[edit] Earning Fusion Stars With Shiki

Shiki's collection method is basically a "Guess the Card" game. If you select the path of the card bearing the correct symbol on your first try, you earn two Fusion Stars. If you do not guess it right the first time but get the correct path the next time, you earn one Fusion Star.

[edit] Earning Fusion Stars With Joshua

Joshua's collection method is much like playing a game of "High or Low". Each card has a number on it, and the cards you must earn Fusion Stars from have little symbols in the bottom right-hand corner, dictating whether the card you choose must be higher, lower or the same value. You earn one Fusion Star for each card that meets the requirements.

[edit] Earning Fusion Stars With Beat

Beat might claim that his collection method is like poker, but it might described more accurately as "Go Fish". The goal is to get at least two cards of the same symbol together, and each combo path has two cards at the end. However, once you have at least one pair of cards you are expected to collect them by selecting the path with the skull card. You earn one Fusion Star for each pair collected. If the string of cards gets too long, the cards will fall down and you will get no points for any pairs collected.

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