Goth Metal Drake

Goth Metal Drake
Noise 47.PNG
No. 47
HP 7000
Attack 250
Res + 120%
Res - 120%
PP 50

Goth Metal Drake is Noise #47.


[edit] Information

Sunset-stained tattoos mark this wyvern Noise which attacks with the force of a tidal wave.
-Noise Tab

[edit] Encountering

Goth Metal Drake is a Blue Noise encounterable on Beat,Day 5.

[edit] Battle Strategies

Goth Metal Drake, unlike othey wyverns, cna attack high, making Joshua a risky Partner to use

[edit] Pin Drops

Ultimate-Black Mars-0.13%


Normal-Her Royal Highness-3.00%

Easy-10000 Yen-20.00%

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