Name Jyongri Cho
Songs Lullaby For You, Lullaby For You (English)

Jyongri is one of the artists that recorded songs for The World Ends With You.

It was annouced on the 6th April 2007 that she would sing the ending theme for It's A Wonderful World, titled 'Lullaby For You'. She later did the English translation for The World Ends With You.

[edit] Biography

Jyongri was born on August 30 1988, in Osaka, Japan. She attended Osaka International School. She began to play the piano when she was 8 years old. During 2004, she attended a 5 week long program at the Berklee College of Music.

On December 13, 2006 she released her first single, titled "Possession / My All For You". "Hop, Step, Jump", her second single, was released Febuary 21, 2007.

'Lullaby For You' was officially released on July 25, 2007. It hit #12 on Oricon Weekly Charts.

Jyongri is currently a student in Waseda University, School Of International Liberal Studies.

[edit] Discography

[edit] Albums

Close To Fantasy

  • Getting Funky!
  • Possession
  • Hop, Step, Jump!
  • Ichizu
  • Stay
  • Let Me In
  • My All For You
  • Romeo&Juliet
  • ~約束~​ (Promise)
  • Lost Girl
  • Wherever

Love Forever

  • Love Forever
  • Tender Touch
  • Kissing Me
  • Unchanging Love ~君がいれば~(with Whisper)
  • Catch Me
  • Lullaby for You
  • 私の太陽
  • 泣いてもいいよ
  • You're the One
  • Lovers DRIVE
  • The Chills
  • Still in Love
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